Big Data?
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Worried that you are not in the game of Big Data either because you don’t have it, don’t know if you have it, don’t know where it is or how to use it? Like anything else in your organization there is a cost associated.  If it is not managed and leveraged effectively it is a burden to be avoided. Like other headline grabbing technology issues…is there more hype than hope – anyone remember Y2K?

Classification of data in your enterprise takes on various levels of importance and life cycle requirements depending on numerous factors. What type of data – for instance HR, Financials, Plant Maintenance, Customer or Vendor documents, Master data etc. What is the scope of your organization anywhere from a local municipality to a global business? And then which if any regulatory environment(s) are you required to be accountable to. These and other factors can lead to assigning value and therefore costs associated with maintaining the data over time.

Consider value over time. The Hubble space telescope sends to earth approx. 300gig/week of data. Certainly the images and science are remarkable but in a political and economic environment different people would have legitimately different values of that data. And eventually the James Webb space telescope will relegate the Hubble images and science to that of a previous generation.

Data can be classified at a high level based on the various sections of society for which the data is used. Science and Technology – the new Australian radio telescope is sized for 672 terabytes of storage, Media and Entertainment, Social Media – Twitter users generate 12 terabytes of data each day,  Academia, Government and Public Sector, and Industry.

There are a multitude of considerations, and keeping huge amounts of data 'forever' that are not absolutely required can leave your organization open to legal liability and other consequences.

Auritas can Help
Our position is not to know the answers for your business but to ask the right questions so you can understand the value (and cost) of Big Data. Real time traffic data can enhance our lives by making that commute home easier. Technological advances resulting from mining huge data stores leading to advances in medicine and engineering and other areas obviously make our world a better place. An advance in modeling because more data is available leads to better predicting of local weather to space science.

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