Mobility with OpenText

The OpenText mobile offering enables you to envision and deliver new applications for customers, employees, partners, and others on the go. Without access to information—good information, reliable, trusted, rich, secure information—a smartphone is just a telephone, and an app is just an interface. And that’s where OpenText comes in. By marrying mobility to content management, OpenText makes it possible for mobile employees to access and act on the information they need in situations where it’s required. Maximize your competitive edge by connecting people, content, and processes anywhere, anytime. Arming employees with the ability to make smart decisions and process requests faster improves business performance and ultimately drives customer satisfaction.

Mobility in short:

  • Harness the power of mobility to meet your strategic business goals
  • Enable your users to exchange and formulate ideas, discuss and solve problems
  • Leverage employees’ knowledge, and capabilities in the organization in real time
  • Enable the field to initiate a process,
  • Enhance your organization’s productivity with the capacity to turn downtime into uptime
  • Design, create and publish content for mobile with ease
  • Utilize the phone’s native capabilities and API’s like: maps, location, text messaging, phone calls
  • Designed, adapted, optimized, tested, and certified for over 900 mobile devices
  • Remove the risk and expense out of mobile application development
  • Rapidly change services, content, and features from any content source

Contact Auritas, a certified OpenText partner, today to learn more about how Auritas can help your organization leverage mobility through OpenText.

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