Archive Retention Management (ARM)

Retention management and data compliance cannot be avoided. Eventual risks to total cost of ownership have to be mitigated/addressed/solved. There has been no single method, process or solution that can help companies be compliant with their record retention policy and destroy data out of SAP.

ARM by Auritas is an SAP-Certified unique, end to end solution that takes the data archived out of SAP into the retention management space and incorporates your corporate retention policies for destruction and compliance.

The ARM module-based solution was developed by Auritas as an amalgamation of 60 years of cumulative work by Auritas product architects working in the space of SAP retention management and data archiving. It is a specialized product built to conform to GARP & ISO 15489 standards. Features and benefits include:

Audit Compliance

  • Utilizes SAP Security concepts
  • Approval and security concepts integrated in process; rule creator cannot be rule approver
  • Rules will validate attributes of archiving object and provide warnings regarding status of archiving and allowable tables and attributes
  • Notification for rules and disposition execution
  • Supports Audit Reporting,  Legal and/ or Tax Holds,  Divestitures

Content-Based (vs. Date-Based) Discovery and Splits

  • ARM Discovery is an automated process initiated by rule change/create, archive session execution, or an ad hoc process manually submitted
  • Archive data is analyzed for attributes (Content) of individual documents i.e. Fiscal year of posting – not the date of the archive file
  • Existing archive sessions are simply implemented in discovery and disposition regardless of how many and how old
  • Multiple attributes can be the basis of Discovery
  • Integrated splits process executed based on the Rule and result of Discovery can occur on multiple occasions


  • Over Time- ILM is measured in years-ARM can facilitate changes in policy or Tax/Legal hold as changes occur
  • Data relevance–Retention Policy compliant for the strictest regulatory requirements to casual cleanup of high volume warehouse or NetWeaver data
  • Processing schedules – avoid period end, backups, etc.
  • Full functionality-based multiple calendars and fiscal year variants
  • Fully flexible on time attributes, and content attributes
  • Can accommodate rule spectrum within the same archive object
  • Workflow or Rules based approval

Ease of Use and ROI

  • ARM Cockpit-based interface is intuitive and easy to navigate with real-time dashboard status results
  • SAP Modular-Based design—fully integrated
  • No additional server(s) , hardware or software platforms required
  • Integrated reporting including Senior Management Audit Reporting
  • Uses standard SAP configuration methods
  • Closed loop with storage system(s)-No administrator’s time or resource for 3rd party storage system(s)
  • ROI-Protect your organization from Risk of Indictment while gaining Return on Investment

ARM has the built-in flexibility to support multiple data types (Transactional data, NetWeaver system data, master data ), multiple storage types ( native SAP storage, major third-party storage solutions, ILM compliant storage devices)  and all types of archive files (old, new, future)

Designed for highly regulated clients as well as those with  relaxed requirements, ARM supports Workflow or Rules-based approval processes, file splitting, data & document removal required by divestitures and article retirement.

Auritas ARM fully integrated SAP retention management solution enables organizations to map their retention policies, data growth and TCO requirements with their SAP system data and processes.

Retention/ Records Management, SAP Data Archiving and ILM are specialized areas and something that most firms only do occasionally or not at all. This is what Auritas does on a daily basis. Our data management team includes members of ARMA and CRMs(Certified Records Managers), all of whom have client experience in supporting and implementing ILM & RIM solutions.

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