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9 Critical Reasons to Upgrade VIM Now


Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) should be upgraded to version 16.3 in order to work with S/4 HANA. Since SAP will require S/4 HANA in the future, you must upgrade to remain supported. Doing so now will reduce headaches in the coming years.

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Discover why it needs your immediate attention, and how it plays a pivotal role in your project planning for the new year.  We’ll also provide recommendations and introduce solutions that businesses may consider.

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About your presenters

data archiving

Deepak Sood
Chief Technology Officer

Deepak has been a data archiving expert for nearly two decades. He has presented on numerous topics at several SAP events and regularly contributes his expertise to enterprise business leaders. In his capacity as Chief Technology Officer for Auritas, Deepak leads the organization’s most complex undertakings and spearheads digital transformation initiatives with his ability to think outside of the box and deliver comprehensive data management solutions.

image of suresh maryala

Suresh Maryala
Senior ECM Consultant

Suresh is responsible for pre-sales activities and has worked with over 150 clients worldwide implementing SAP / OpenText. With over 24 years of software applications credentials, Suresh’s SAP experience and proven expertise in solution-focused thinking make him the ideal candidate to consult others in data management space.

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