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Document Migration from Legacy Applications to SAP OpenText:

Auritas has built a tool that extracts reports from Legacy applications and loads them into the OpenText Content Server. The process will emulate a web client, extract each version of the report, and stores them as a PDF file. These PDF files are extracted through a Python script process and can be loaded into any given application directory.

After the initial and delta load process is completed, with the extension of SAP programs, the final extraction process gets kicked off which will load these reporting documents into the respective content server for a specific business transaction. The migration solution is a seamless process with minimal monitoring activity and can be extended to address the unique requirements inherent to every migration project. 

The tool can handle substantial data volume for the migration with multi-threaded support out of the box and manages all aspects of the migration. It creates a single source of truth for the migrated documents and offers reconciliation after a successful migration. 

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