What Keeps CIOs Awake At Night?

In today’s world, being a CIO requires adaptability that we’ve never really needed before — we’re more connected than ever, and changing growth rate of our international trends and discussions only continue to speed up. You and your company are going to have to keep up with the increasing rate of revolution in IT, or else you risk becoming unapproachable and, even worse, irrelevant.

As a CIO, does this scare you? If so, is it enough to keep you awake at night?

If you’re one of the many technologically-empowered executives, it’s time think about your company’s role in the digital age — we’re talking about enterprise-level mobility. This means giving users access to your agile systems and bottom line anywhere, anytime. That means you’ve got to balance the demands of user-based IT services with solid business strategy. Sounds challenging, right?

It gets worse. As we’ve moved away from standard desktop computers, and into a mobile environment, keeping up to speed on trends is more difficult than ever before. Not to mention that devices and applications are being switched out faster every year.

In our experience, we’ve found security to be the biggest culprit behind most CIO’s sleepless nights.

Users are adopting cloud-based technologies more and more, but most companies strive to maintain their own security — everything from valuable business information to IP addresses needs to stay under lock-and-key.

This is the balance we’re called to manage. We need to maintain our traditional IT duties and business demands, but still keep up with the latest trends and innovations. In the middle of all this, we also need to keep our companies growing and evolving in order to stay relevant.

It’s not just our users that are evolving — our work environments are changing, too. Workers can do their jobs from anywhere, and just about any device, so we need to keep adjusting our strategies to make workflows seamless for any and all types of employees.

In the end, our rapidly-changing is enabling both users and employees to change the way they operate. It’s our job, as technically-minded business folk, to provide strategies that doesn’t just include these mobile solutions, but allows for future growth and enhancement. Business is about people, and the people of today want to be as mobile as possible.

Give the people what they want.

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