Supercharge Your Data Warehouse with SAP HANA

  • Rich content including reports and existing data models
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Sophisticated security, authorization and identity handling
  • Sophisticated integrated planning capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting tool for fragmented ERP landscape

Improve Performance Without Disruption

  • HANA acts as the In-Memory database used as primary persistence for BW
  • BW cubes and DSOs are loaded and activated in HANA to dramatically improve performance
  • BW continues to manage the analytic metadata and the data provisioning processes
  • Database migration only, the BW application remains intact
  • No need to create and maintain aggregates, indexes or complex data modeling

Let the experts assist your team with BW on HANA. Auritas, a certified SAP partner, is ready and waiting to provide your organization with the appropriate team of subject matter experts. Contact us today to learn more.

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