Data Aging in BW

The recognized technical concept for meeting this challenge is data warehousing, and SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) guarantees the enterprise-wide availability of meaningful information.

Auritas BW Services help companies quickly implement BW environments. Auritas is well known for services in SAP Data Archiving and DART areas, and we can also guide companies through the complexities associated with BW projects. Our consultants can assist in all aspects of planning, assessment, and delivery of SAP BW projects. Auritas can guide companies through the complexities associated with BW projects with our team of BW experts.

Auritas BW Consulting Services include:

  • Setup of Hardware Infrastructure and Installation of SAP BW Software.
  • BW customization, infrastructure development and implementation.
  • BW Data Configuration, Development.
  • Data Modeling and Data Reporting and Data Extraction.
  • Construct an appropriate data model addressing the key issues facing your business areas.

Testing of Data Flow

  • Activation of Standard InfoCubes and create a reporting structure.
  • Design and development of Generic Business extractors, Infosources, Operational Datastores, Infocubes, BEX reports.
  • Replacement of legacy reporting systems with SAP BW.
  • Integration with other SAP solutions such as Customer Relationship Management, Advanced Planning and Optimizing, and Strategic Enterprise Management.
  • Creation of enterprise data warehouses with SAP BW.
  • Implementation of enterprise metadata integration with SAP BW.
  • Post-Implementation Support.
  • End User Training.

Example Auritas BW BluePrint Project:

  • Blueprint Project Tasks.
  • Identification of key stakeholders of SAP BW project.
  • Identification of the key stakeholders for BW Enterprise Analysis.
  • Identify and define strategies, standards, protocols, controls, and procedures for the management of the BW system.
  • Create templates for the use in large development projects or smaller initiatives involving the expansion of content in the system.
  • Create an opportunity to demonstrate the activities needed during the implementation of business content to BW team and their support personnel.
  • Create an opportunity for knowledge transfer from the Auritas consulting team to the company’s internal BW Team and support personnel.
  • Validation of the BW system landscape.
  • Selection of business content and shared enterprise master data.
  • Prepare estimates for implementation of different modules and business content in SAP BW environment.

Blueprint Project Documentation will include:

  • Project Charter and Work Plan.
  • Success Criteria.
  • Training Needs.
  • Implementation Standards and Procedures.
  • Implementation Strategy.
  • Functional and Technical Specifications.
  • Business Requirements.
  • Naming Standards.
  • Transport Process.
  • Testing Strategy.
  • Reporting Strategy.
  • Training Strategy.
  • System Backup Plan.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Blueprint Documents.
  • Functional Specifications for Blueprint Implementation areas.
  • High Level Requirements Document for Enterprise BW.
  • Report Specifications for Blueprint Implementation Areas.
  • Assessment of Current Configuration w/Recommendations.
  • Estimates of time required to go live with different business content in SAP BW.

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