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3 Steps Your Enterprise Can Take to Achieve the 'Holy Grail' of Data Management

Did you know that 43% of digital transformation initiatives fail due to inaccurate data? What about that 55% of executives have reported slowdowns of their IT systems due to strains from the influx of data? We’ve all heard of GDPR, but did you realize that 56% of companies don’t know where their sensitive data is stored? 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Lessons learned from other enterprises that have faced data quality, data volume, and data privacy issues
  • 3 simple steps your enterprise can take now to build a stronger data management strategy
  • A simple, proven, economical way to get more time out of your week to focus on the things that matter like innovation, growth, customer experiences, and  finally being able to take a vacation without the worry of being pulled away for a work emergency.
  • FREE guide about the Auritas Data Management Factory

All enterprises strive for it, but how can you make “Clean. Lean. Compliant.” a reality and not fall victim to the numbers above? Join Deepak Sood (Auritas CEO), Dan Lynch (Auritas VP ), and Andy Martin (Auritas President)  as they discuss 3 simple steps that organizations can take to “refine” their data so it turns into the ‘Holy Grail’ of data management.

Deepak Sood

Chief Technology Officer


Dan Lynch
Senior Vice President 

Andy Martin


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