Document Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is used to efficiently collect and organize information that is crucial to an organization and deliver it to a designated audience. This document management solution combines analytics, collaboration, governance, and processes while delivering value to customers, partners, and employees. ECM provides more efficient and cost-effective document management while reducing costs through decreased storage space by:

  • Capturing: Entering content into your system
  • Managing: Ensuring content can be found and used by all intended audiences
  • Storing: Finding an appropriate home for your infrastructure
  • Preserving: Protecting content through archiving to make sure it can be utilized in the future based on your organization’s needs
  • Delivering: Supplying information to the appropriate audience

Generally involving unstructured information, ECM is focused around office documents, graphics, web pages, emails, videos, and other forms of data typically used by humans. There are numerous benefits gained by leveraging ECM’s dynamic combination of strategies, methods, and tools to support key organizational processes throughout the enterprise information lifecycle.

With the advancement of technology, the need to deal with large amounts of unstructured information has grown at an unprecedented rate. ECM’s security functions are capable of filtering sensitive data to ensure compliance with industry and government regulations, helping enterprises tackle obstacles in real-time with ease. ECM is a proven document management solution that allows enterprises to create effective content management strategies, simplify their enterprise landscape, and drive digital transformation.

Document Management by Platform

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