Almost every organization contends with a huge amount of information that comes in soft copy as well as hard. That information must be managed and instantly available when needed. Much of it is scattered, which results in wasted time and resources and failed efforts when a business worker is trying to locate the right document. Making matters more difficult is the fact that a large number of documents and other references are not integrated with many of the business processes and transactions that users conduct in SAP on a daily basis.

The process of integrating SAP’s Document Management System (SAP DMS) with core SAP modules can help organizations manage these important sales documents and bring improved organizational efficiency to its business decision-making process.

SAP Document Management System comes as standard functionality when an SAP system is installed. No additional SAP DMS software is needed. It is highly advisable to conduct server sizing, with the involvement of a Basis (Netweaver) resource to assess and evaluate the need to have additional hardware for storing documents in a central repository.

If SAP is already implemented in your company, then you can implement SAP DMS as an independent standalone project. Alternatively, you can implement SAP DMS at the same time, when other core SAP modules are being deployed in your company. SAP Document Management is cross-modular; your company can implement it not only in the supply chain and logistics modules, but also in the Financial and Managerial Accounting (FICO) as well as Human Capital Management (HCM) modules.

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