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Data Archiving for Continued Success Planning and Implementing a Sustainable Strategy

Data archiving is essential to every enterprise’s information management strategy. It can free up valuable SAP database memory, reduce administrative expenses, automate storage management processes, and simplify adherence to data retention regulations.

We’ll show you how to achieve this, all while maintaining accessibility to your structured and unstructured content on a centrally managed archive. Join our seasoned Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) experts as they outline the tactics Auritas applies when assessing, recommending, and implementing data archiving solutions for our clients.

This informative webinar on Data Archiving covers:

  • Scoping your data archiving project and identifying the goal
  • Selecting the best options for storage and retrieval
  • Automating data retention with SAP ILM
  • Executing defensible disposition for data governance
  • Leveraging SAP IQ, Hadoop, and third-party solutions
  • Applying retention and disposition policies to captured content
  • Measuring the success of your implementation

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View Webinar On-Demand

View Webinar On-Demand

About Your Speakers

Deepak Sood


Deepak has been a data archiving expert for almost 20 years. He’s presented on numerous topics at various SAP events and regularly contributes his expertise to enterprise business leaders.

Tim Croucher

ILM Subject-Matter Expert

Tim is a Certified Records Manager and active member in ARMA, speaking on topics such as Data Governance and Managing Electronic Records.