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5 Ways to Accelerate Your S/4HANA Deployment

Your approach to S/4HANA Deployment doesn’t need to be complicated. We know most customers are hesitant about their migration due to a variety of risk factors such as S/4HANA being too expensive, it’s going to be very complex to move out of their current environment (downtime), and some customers want to see how their data looks in S/4 before they migrate everything over.

What You’ll Learn in this S/4HANA Deployment  

We’ll discuss the differences between a Greenfield and “System Conversion” approach, which fits your enterprise best, and 5 Accelerators that will drive a clear path on your roadmap to S/4HANA.

While both the approaches can be little confusing for some people it is really important at the same time to know the real difference and how each one can effect the flow and result of S/4HANA Deployment your organization looking forward indulge in.

Knowing these things before hand will give you and your organization an edge and can save you a lot of resources both in terms of human resource and monetary resource.

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View Webinar On-Demand

View Webinar On-Demand

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Deepak Sood


Deepak has been a data archiving expert for almost 20 years. He’s presented on numerous topics at various SAP events and regularly contributes his expertise to enterprise business leaders.

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

Client Partner

Bill is focused on business development and client success for Auritas in the NE region. Bill has over 15 years of experience in enabling enterprise customers with information technology solutions and services.