SAP DART & Audit Compliance

The most recent data retention regulations (IRS Rev. Proc. 98-25) have resulted in new challenges that businesses must face as it relates to financial audit compliance, because some data resides within multiple archiving objects and other data resides in the online database. The ASUG Tax Interest Group and SAP jointly designed the Data Retention Tool (DART). DART gives users access to the following tools:

  • Data Extraction Tool
  • Extract Browser Tool
  • View Query Tool
  • Archive Retrieval Tool
  • Extract and File Management Tools
  • Customer Extensions
  • Global Audit Compliance
  • Automated Scheduling of DART Extraction and View Jobs
  • Automatic Validation of DART Extracted Data with SAP Data (G/L Posting Validation, Vendor Balance, Customer Balance and Asset Depreciation)
  • FEC Compliance of DART for France

Most enterprise operations aren’t aware of this, but with the right DART expertise in place, companies can leverage DART to perform highly sophisticated and complex activities without having to invest in other technologies that might cost upwards of $1MM to license and implement. Auritas saves its customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by leveraging native DART functionality to achieve each company’s data retention objectives. Contact Auritas today to learn about our approach to data retention using DART. We’d be happy to introduce you to one of our many satisfied customers who’ve chosen to invest in this cost-effective and practical approach over purchasing other software.

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