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SAP HANA Optimization is a specialized collection of best practices designed to improve the performance of your existing database. It can neutralize costly performance issues by evaluating and tuning SAP HANA functions, including transaction processing (OLTP), database queries, and database loads (OLAP).

Optimization is beneficial to new and existing databases because it helps reduce lag time and avoid bloated hardware. Join us as we discuss SAP HANA optimization techniques, including:

  • SAP Sizing
  • Data Modeling
  • Application Level Tiering (Nearline Storage)
  • Platform Level Tiering (Dynamic Tiering)

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About your presenters


Deepak Sood
Chief Technology Officer

Deepak has been a regulatory compliance expert for nearly two decades. He has presented on numerous topics at several SAP events and regularly contributes his expertise to enterprise business leaders. In his capacity as Chief Technology Officer for Auritas, Deepak leads the organization’s most complex undertakings and spearheads digital transformation initiatives with his ability to exceed expectations and deliver highly effective data management solutions.

Kourosh Ghouchkhani
SAP HANA & Basis Architect

Kourosh Ghouchkhani is an SAP Platinum Consultant with 20 years of proven success in platform implementations, upgrades, enhancements and Disaster Recovery. He is a veteran of 7 full life cycle deployments and played a role in more than 20 other implementations. Kourosh has experience as a Sr. Technology Consultant, Basis Technical Lead, Senior Basis Administrator, and is currently an SAP HANA & Basis Architect for Auritas.

David Voss
SAP Chief Consultant,
Business Transformation Services

SAP America

2015 Business Technology Association Award winner, David Voss is an SAP Certified Professional SAP Architect and Business Process expert, Value Lifecycle Manager, and Value Mapping & Benchmarking tool expert. He has experience implementing SAP S/4HANA (1610 & 1709) with Activate methodology and Solution Manager 7.2. Solution Architect on S/4HANA capabilities and Best Practices deployment. David also has experience delivering SAP Trade Promotion Management and Marketing at Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods customers and mentoring other global TPM projects for current and future releases.

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