Suite on SAP HANA or S/4HANA

What are the Benefits of Running SAP ECC on HANA?

  1. Up to 10X better performance, if implemented and modeled properly. This will allow for real-time reporting and analytics directly within SAP ECC without interrupting the business.
  2. With a major reduction in SAP ECC performance constraints (batch jobs, data replication, etc…) HANA will allow your organization to expand its efficiencies and capabilities. As a result, you can begin thinking bigger and better.
  3. Your organization can now be selective as to which tables and programs will be loaded to the in-memory DB, which will allow you to appropriately optimize memory usage for SAP HANA.
  4. ….and the list goes on.

Want to learn more how ECC on SAP HANA can benefit your organization? Contact Auritas, a certified SAP Partner, to speak with one of our subject matter experts.

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