System Decommissioning & Divestiture

Legacy system decommissioning & divestiture is a very popular topic of discussion here at Auritas. We have worked with many companies that were looking to decommission a legacy system for a variety of reasons. Some of these companies have just gone through a merger or acquisition and are looking to consolidate systems. Others are looking to decommission some of their systems simply because some of their older platforms aren’t producing the benefits that they used to and it makes much more sense to implement an enterprise Commercial off the shelf product.

Sample List of Decommissioning Benefits:

  • Cost Savings – Major savings from retiring redundant and/or obsolete applications. The savings might include operating costs, licensing costs, maintenance costs, hardware infrastructure, or costs due to complexity of customizations.
  • After the cost savings is realized, this might free up some budget for other projects.
  • Savings in storage space and power consumption
  • Productivity improvements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • A manageable inventory of applications will now exist.
  • New look and feel applications to end users.

While some of the benefits are obvious, the difficult part of this process is planning out the decommissioning itself and actually executing on the plans. Auritas has in-house expertise that will strategically assess your situation and provide you with an overall project strategy and a detailed plan of execution. Contact Auritas today to learn about our legacy system decommissioning program.

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