Analytics That Make a Difference

Today’s digital economy is fueled by data. Many organizations are mandating that everything must be data-driven and decisions are no longer left to gut instinct. All company decision and actions should be based in facts which are fueled by algorithms that predict optimal outcomes. In his report, Big Data in Big Companies, Thomas Davenport from the […]

10 Data Analytics Models To Crush Your Goals In 2020

Big data holds big value, and now more than ever, effective data analytics enables large enterprises to gain the competitive advantage by mining their ERP’s data repository for market intelligence. Today’s competitive enterprise environments require CIOs and other executives to make informed decisions accurately and promptly. Data analytics models are the most effective means of […]

Big Data: Past, Present, & Future (With Gartner Predictions)

The concept of having access to vast amounts of information began in the early 1940’s when a Wesleyan University Librarian, Fremont Rider, published The Scholar and the Future of the Research Library. He estimated that university libraries were doubling in size every sixteen years. He elaborated by speculating that the Yale Library, in the year 2040, […]

Big Data Predictions | 2016 Series Part 2

Welcome to our new three-part series on our predictions for Big Data, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). If you’re interested in the future of Big Data and want to hear what we predict will be big in 2016; you’ve come to the right place. If you missed the first part of […]

Big Data: 2 Steps To Calculating Real Business Value

We’re pretty sure most CIOs are rather tired of hearing, “big data”, “analytics”, & “omnichannel”. There is so much hype around big data that it seems that if you aren’t investing in it, you’re doing something wrong; at least that’s what executive teams are hearing from the board room, and very loudly at that. According […]