The Definitive Guide to Your GDPR Checklist

In the wake of the GDPR, organizations are being forced to reconsider their network security, data discovery, data access, controls, mapping and governance policies and practices to ensure regulatory compliance and to prevent stiff fines for non-compliance. The European Union (EU) began enforcing the GDPR on May 25, 2018, to protect customer privacy and personal […]

5 Reasons Why The California Consumer Privacy Act Should Matter to You


2018 was the year of data breaches. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Uber, and Marriott were all splashed across front pages and in every major news cycle due to unethical data practices or unauthorized access by third parties. These breaches have caused not only individuals but also governments to take notice and create buzz around […]

How Changes In The Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure Impact Data Disposition

Over the years I’ve always been impressed with federal rules and the reasonable approach of the judges I’ve heard at the ARMA conferences when it comes to retention policy and disposition. The Department of Justice will not (and really cannot) tell an organization what their retention policy should be. Nor will a judge question the […]

What Keeps CIOs Awake At Night?

In today’s world, being a CIO requires adaptability that we’ve never really needed before — we’re more connected than ever, and changing growth rate of our international trends and discussions only continue to speed up. You and your company are going to have to keep up with the increasing rate of revolution in IT, or […]