SAP HANA Optimization with SAP Chief Consultant of Business Transformation Services

Location: Online
Time: 30 Mins.

SAP HANA Optimization is a specialized collection of best practices designed to improve the performance of your existing database. It can neutralize costly performance issues by evaluating and tuning SAP HANA functions, including transaction processing (OLTP), database queries, and database loads (OLAP).

Optimization is beneficial to new and existing databases because it helps reduce lag time and avoid bloated hardware. Join us as we discuss SAP HANA optimization techniques, including:

  • SAP Sizing
  • Data Modeling
  • Application Level Tiering (Nearline Storage)
  • Platform Level Tiering (Dynamic Tiering)

Get the maximum benefit from your SAP investment.

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Deepak Sood
CEO, Auritas

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