The Keys to Data Strategy in 2021

Location: Online
Time: 30 Mins.
Achieving success as an intelligent enterprise in 2021 means understanding how to manage and leverage your data. Using data to make empowered, intelligent decisions is what the intelligent enterprise is all about. We all know that data strategy is critical to achieving this success, but how do you get started?

Join Auritas CTO Deepak Sood and other experts, for this on-demand webinar: The Keys to Data Strategy in 2021: The 5 major components to success in under 48 hours!

Published Live: Tuesday, December 15th , 2020. @ 2PM EST


  • Data Journey
  • Core Components for Data Strategy
  • Auritas’ Approach to Data Strategy 
  • Implementation Methodology
Once registered, tune-in at any time to learn the keys to your data strategy success.


Deepak 500X500 squ headshot The Keys to Data Strategy in 2021
Deepak Sood
CEO, Auritas

Feroze 500X500 squ headshot The Keys to Data Strategy in 2021
Feroze Arif
Sr. Director - Product Dev & Ops

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