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Data Governance Assessment Landing Page
Data Governance Assessment Landing Page

Data security, quality and accuracy

Establish protocols, for handling, storing and sharing sensitive data.
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Maximize the value
of your data

Companies from across the globe lose millions of dollars due to erroneous decision-making and legal fines, each year. The lack of a structured data governance plan can be costly.
A comprehensive data governance program is essential for success. To guarantee effectiveness, companies should conduct regular audits and updates to their existing programs.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Adherence
  • Data Cohesiveness and Accuracy Improvement
  • Enhanced Risk Management Practices
Data Governance Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect from this assessment guide?

This comprehensive guide will equip organizations with a checklist of aspects to consider when creating or evaluating their data governance program. Through user-friendly steps and questions, the resource will provide enterprises with valuable insights into the appropriate steps necessary to achieve complete data governance.

What challenges can arise during the implementation phase?

Challenges during implementation can include resistance to change, lack of understanding about roles and responsibilities, data silos, resource constraints, and aligning data governance with business goals. Data management experts like Auritas can help companies overcome these challenges.

How does data governance impact data privacy and security?

Data governance establishes protocols for handling, storing, and sharing data securely. It ensures that sensitive information is protected, access is controlled, and proper measures are in place to prevent breaches, thus enhancing data privacy and security.

How can it adapt to changing regulatory requirements?

Data governance must include ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes and regular updates to policies and processes to ensure continued compliance. This requires collaboration between legal, compliance, and data management teams to swiftly address any regulatory shifts.

How can organizations start implementing data governance?

Organizations can start implementing data governance by defining clear data ownership and stewardship roles, creating data policies and standards, establishing data quality metrics, setting up data access controls, and gradually expanding the program to cover more aspects of data management.

Is data governance a one-time effort or an ongoing process?

Data governance is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, updates, and adaptation. As data sources, regulations, and business needs evolve, the data governance program needs to evolve as well to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

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Start Your Journey!

Talk to data governance experts at Auritas to start your journey now!
Download your Guide Now!

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