Manufacturing: Nvidia Corporation

Vendor Invoice Management
Project Description
NVIDIA Corporation is a globally recognized technology company, renowned for its expertise and manufacturing of graphics processing units (GPUs), integrated circuits, mobile technologies, desktop computers, and more.

NVIDIA aimed to modernize its finance automation to overcome several pain points, including production failure, operational risks, compliance risks, and risks to business continuity. After a failed attempt in 2019, SAP and OpenText recommended Auritas to provide a full-spectrum P2P solution.

NVIDIA's transformation involved digitizing vendor master cleanup, optimizing top vendors via AI, and implementing Fiori apps. Phase 1 involved a global blueprint and stakeholder buy-in, while Phase 2 added innovative features such as AI optimization and PO matching. The partnership helped NVIDIA overcome the scalability issues of their previous AP solution and achieve best-in-class operational metrics.

  • Touchless Automation
  • Improved compliance
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Streamlined operations
  • Risk Reduction

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