The Keys to Data Strategy in 2021

Webinar On-Demand Achieving success as an intelligent enterprise in 2021 means understanding how to manage and leverage your data. Using data to make empowered, intelligent decisions is what the intelligent enterprise is all about. We all know that data strategy is critical to achieving this success, but how do you get started?  Join Auritas CTO […]

On the Menu: S/4HANA & Cookies

Webinar On-Demand On the Menu: S/4HANA & Cookies SAP, OpenText and Auritas invite you to join our Data + Content Management experts for On The Menu- S/4HANA & Cookies. Our experts will outline the benefits and how-to’s of implementing SAP and OpenText data management solutions before SAP HANA migration, while you enjoy a break and […]

ILM Strategies: Get Up and Running! Saving Money in < 3 Months!

Webinar On-Demand Did you know that around 80% of stored data goes unused after 90 days and nearly 62% of businesses are using their primary storage systems to store unused data?    This is particularly costly for SAP systems, where rapid data growth and lack of data management creates expensive Tier-1 Enterprise Storage; with high volumes, high redundancy, and rising admin […]

The Data Management Journey: 10 Strategies for S/4HANA or any migration

Webinar On-Demand 93% of enterprises who have implemented a large ERP said they have had significant data management issues during the course of their data migration project. Worse, more than 75% of those experienced their data management issues late in the project. Was yours one of them?   There’s a better way. Join Auritas CTO, Deepak Sood, and […]

Hidden Treasure: How to Uncover Customer Insights in Your Enterprise Data

Webinar On-Demand Hidden Treasure: How to Uncover Customer Insights in Your Enterprise Data That Will Lead to Better Business Decisions and Drive $$$ How can data drive better decision-making and profitable outcomes at your enterprise? Organizations need to be able to identify and balance their risk tolerance while managing ever changing regulations with a proactive […]

How to Stop Legacy Data From Consuming 70% of Your IT Budget

Webinar On-Demand According to IDC, 70% of IT budgets are spent on maintaining legacy systems. Even more surprising is that 85% of data in your operational systems is static. When legacy systems no longer support current business processes, they become an increasing liability.  Join us Wednesday, July 1st, as we discuss how you can simplify […]

CCPA vs GDPR: What they are and how they impact your enterprise

CCPA vs GDPR By now you’ve probably hear of The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but does your enterprise understand the differences in between the two? It is very important for an organisation to understand the know how of these Data Protection Compliance and how they not only […]

How to Reduce (or Completely Eliminate) Your Future Hardware Upgrade Cost​

Webinar On-Demand IT infrastructure spend for any organization is replete with challenges that significantly impact your business. Looking for creative ways to delay IT spend – especially with potentially expensive hardware upgrades? View this webinar to learn how to reduce (or in some cases completely eliminate) your future hardware upgrade costs.   You will learn how […]