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Drive efficiency and increase productivity with customized industry-specific solutions.


Leverage decades of expertise managing data and optimizing processes.


With market-leading technical knowledge, we help enterprises thrive in a data-drive world.


Propel digital transformation to drive business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Experience the benefits
of SAP for Utilities.

Improved customer experience

Leverage updated, accurate information for quicker decision-making, faster response times, and improved operational efficiency, enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

Resource utilization efficiency

Advanced analytics help optimize energy generation and distribution, reduce peak demand, and efficiently allocate resources, saving costs and improving operations.

Compliance with industry regulations

Enhanced data management capabilities and automated reporting functionalities for stringent regulatory requirements, such as reporting on emissions, safety, and sustainability.

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SAP for Utilites helps streamline operations,
optimize processes and drive business growth.

The specialized SAP solution focuses industry-specific functionality, empowering utility companies
to overcome their challenges, enhance operational efficiency, deliver better customer
experiences, and drive innovation in the utilities sector.
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Maximizing efficiency through optimized
processes with SAP for Utilities.

With SAP for utilities, companies can take advantage of comprehensive
functionalities and industry-specific capabilities to stay ahead.
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Real-Time Data Processing

The integration facilitates decision-making and enhances customer experience.

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Customer Engagement

By integrating customer data, companies can provide personalized services.

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Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Comply with stringent regulatory requirements with accurate reporting.


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Harnessing decades of technical expertise, Auritas has enabled utility customers
achieve impactful transformations and drive business growth.

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Auritas™ Utilities Customers - Success Stories
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Thanks to Auritas, our database and retention management is better than it ever has been.
Terry ChadwickSAP Program Architect, SaskPower
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OpenText gave us a great partner in Auritas, they made our transformation smooth and easy.
Obaid KhanDirector of IT, Puget Sound Energy
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Working with Auritas was great! They helped us transform the way we managed our data.
CenterPoint EnergySAP Program Architect

We are a full-spectrum data management provider. Learn why we've become SAP's go-to partner.

What is SAP for Utilities?

SAP for Utilities is a comprehensive suite of software solutions specifically designed for the utility industry. It offers functionalities to support various utility business processes, including customer management, billing and invoicing, asset management, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, analytics, and more.

How are Auritas' services tailored for utilities?

Auritas’ experts have decades of experience working within the utilities sector, driving digital transformation with bankable ROI. With market-leading technical expertise, we understand industry challenges to implement data management solutions and streamlining processes that help businesses grow. As a go-to SAP partner, Auritas empowers utilities customers to achieve impactful results and turn their vision into reality.

Is integration possible in S/4HANA for Utilities?

Yes, SAP for Utilities offers integration capabilities to connect with other systems and technologies, such as customer information systems (CIS), meter data management (MDM) systems, geographic information systems (GIS), and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems. This enables data exchange, seamless workflows, and holistic management of utility operations.

What are the benefits of SAP for Utilities?

Implementing SAP for Utilities can bring several benefits, including streamlined operations, improved customer service, accurate billing and revenue management, optimized asset performance, enhanced regulatory compliance, better data analytics and decision-making, and integration with emerging technologies like smart grids.

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    We'd love to talk about your project.

    Our experts and developers would love to contribute their
    expertise and insights to your potencial projects

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