Utilities: Advanced Data Archiving & Enhanced Performance

Reduced costs and improved compliance with a multi-stage data and content management strategy
U.S. Utilities Company
Data Archiving
Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
Project Description
U.S. Utilities Company's database grew overtime, and needed help managing it to improve SAP ERP performance. Its local database size had grown over a period of time, accumulating large amounts of data, degrading system performance and causing a negative impact on user processes. There were no data management strategies in place.

The solution utilized a cocktail of advanced techniques, including pairing existing archiving efforts with migration and relocation functions. This enables the organization to seamlessly relocate nearly 100% of data and free up database performance capabilities. The automated, auditable, and confirmable process purged unnecessary data from the system without impacting existing processes or relevant data.

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Key Benefits:
  • Relocate nearly 100% of data
  • Ensured Compliance for Utilities
  • Reduced Costs
  • Enhanced Performance
  • No downtime

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