Enhanced Tax Compliance with SAP Vertex: Maxar Technologies

Maxar’s implementation of SAP Vertex highlights its proactive approach to adopting innovative solutions to elevate its tax governance and support its global growth objectives effectively.
Maxar Technologies
SAP Vertex
Vertex Accelerator
Project Description
Maxar Technologies Inc. is a space technology company specializing in manufacturing communication, Earth observation, radar, and on-orbit servicing satellites, satellite products, and related services.

Maxar Technologies partnered with Auritas to optimize its global tax management by integrating Vertex into its SAP ecosystem. Leveraging Auritas' expertise, Maxar successfully deployed SAP Vertex for efficient tax determination and compliance, reflecting its proactive approach to tax governance and global growth.

This implementation ensured compliance across 85+ countries where Maxar operates, automated financial reporting, and provided real-time visibility into compliance and analytics reports for informed decision-making across diverse locations. As a result, the company also optimized their end-to-end invoice processing with successful validation of systems integration and presentation layers.

Key Benefits:
  • Compliance in 85+ Countries

  • Automated Financial Reporting

  • Real-time Visibility

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