AMPD Methodology Fast Track SAP S/4HANA Migration

Auritas AMPD Methodology ensures enterprises significantly reduce the risks and costs of migrating and operating on SAP S/4HANA.
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The Ultimate Methodology for a Smooth Migration

Auritas aligns with SAP to bring you best in class approach to system migration.
With a proprietary methodology, our experts ensure cost savings
and enhanced efficiency.
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Learn the methodology used by top Fortune-500 companies when migrating to the cloud. From addressing data volume and retention management, to testing system performance and retiring legacy systems; Auritas experts ensure a successful S/4HANA migration.
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Understanding the
AMPD Methodology

Created in partnership with SAP, the methodology guides enterprises through their S/4HANA adoption, from comprehensive preparation to smooth operations.
1. Archive

Data archiving with Data ASSIST helps you manage and reduce data volume, cutting costs of migrating and storing data on S/4.

3. Performance Testing

As you move, automating testing can be a key component to ensure efficiency and cost savings on the new IT landscape.

2. Migration

With advances migration tools, you get comprehensive insight into your data initiative, tracking every aspect of your project.

4. Decommissioning

Decrease TCO of legacy hardware while maintaining access to and preserving necessary data using a single source of truth with Data GUARD.

Dive Deep Into The
Benefits of AMPD.

Hear from Auritas experts on how the AMPD methodology works and why it benefits enterprises of all sizes. From cost savings to NetZero downtime, preparing for your migration is the key to success.
Designed to be customizable, AMPD process can be changed to fit your organization's unique needs and goals.
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Join Auritas & SAP for a Live Webinar:
What to Pack for the S/4 Journey

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 | 11 a.m. CT /12 p.m. EST

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Real Word Example:
Fast Tracking S/4 Adoption

In preparation for a move to SAP S/4HANA, Auritas implemented a robust data volume and retention management plan to optimize their current landscape after a significant expansion.
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  • $4.4 Million 3-year cumulative savings.
  • Reduced HANA sizing by 66%
  • NetZero HANA Migration downtime
  • Planned to migrate within a single year

We are a full-spectrum data management provider. Learn why we've become SAP's go-to partner.

Will Auritas partner with SAP for my migration?

Auritas has been closely aligned with SAP since its inception and worked in tandem on many projects throughout two decades. As a SAP Gold Partner, we work with SAP to ensure a smooth and timely S/4HANA migration.

Why should I choose AMPD as my SAP S/4HANA migration methodology?

With plenty of success stories proving the effectiveness of this methodology, AMPD was designed to provide you with a blueprint of important stages of your transition process, making it customizable for your unique needs and goals. Vetted and recommended by SAP, the methodology was developed by Auritas data experts with years of experience with data management and migration.

Why Auritas for my SAP S/4HANA migration?

Auritas maximizes S/4HANA implementation with custom scenarios and accelerators, ensuring bankable ROI. With decades of expertise and a proven success record, choose Auritas to unlock S/4HANA’s full potential and native functionality.

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Our experts and developers would love to contribute their
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    We'd love to talk about your project.

    Our experts and developers would love to contribute their
    expertise and insights to your potencial projects

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