Volume Management for Utilities: CenterPoint Energy

Utilities company reduce data volume by a factor of 9 and improve customer satisfaction by 10%.
U.S. Utilities Company
Data Archiving
Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Project Description: Utilities Sector

Utilities company focused on electric and natural gas, CenterPoint Energy, Inc., uses real-time data to understand customer behaviors, improve engagement, and optimize business strategies. Their data volume has surged by 837%, turning them into a 5-petabyte company processing 21 million daily transactions.

The utilities company prioritize robust data management due to data privacy regulations, crucial while operating in California. A recent acquisition expanded their presence across 40 states, driven by the need for agility amid market changes. This approach has led to benefits like automated accounting, faster issue resolution, reduced data volume, and improved customer satisfaction by 10%.

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Key Benefits:

  • Automated Accounting for Utilities
  • Faster Issue Resolution
  • Reduced Data Volume
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

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