Data Archiving for Manufacturing: Allison Transmission

Reduced costs and improved compliance with a multi-stage data and content management strategy
Allison Transmission
Data Archiving
Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
Project Description
Allison Transmission, the world's largest maker of medium and heavy-duty automatic transmissions, faced rising hardware and cloud costs, compliance challenges, and a database size exceeding 5TB.

With an SAP instance holding 20 years of information, little data archiving, and growing costs, they developed a multi-stage data and content management strategy. Partnering with SAP and Auritas, Allison Transmision achieved a leaner platform with controlled data growth and compliance. The database size shrunk to 800 GB, and the team experienced project payback within 10 months, reducing hardware, hosting and backup costs with advanced data archiving. A 3-year cumulative savings analysis indicated savings surpassing $1.3 Million.

Key Benefits:
  • Shrunk Database: 5TB to 800GB
  • $1.3 Million in Cumulative Savings
  • Ensured Compliance
  • Reduced Costs with Data Archiving
  • Raised Performance

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