Using AI & SAP to Scale and Accelerate Your Order-Management Process​

Location: Online
Time: 30 Mins.

Many organizations today struggle with a lengthy, costly, and convoluted order entry process that takes time, money, and focus away from business priorities. Powered by artificial intelligence, automated order entry allows enterprises like yours to turbocharge your order processing while reducing TCO, raising accuracy, and improving logistics planning and execution.

Hear first-hand from our experts how to take your complex high-touch order entry process and transform it into a highly accelerated and responsive order management system using SAP Digital Content Processing.

We’ll show you why a “first-in-class” native SAP solution delivers the best results at optimizing and processing complex Sales Orders.


  • Reduced Corrective actions such as Premium Freight, Returns, etc.
  • Reduce Unplanned Production Schedule Changes
  • Better Production Scheduling, Planning, and Purchasing
  • Lead Time compliance
  • 5-fold increase speed of order entry
  • Potential for 70% workforce reduction/repurpose
  • Electronically stored documents readily available for retrieval
  • Enforce and extend SAP functionality


Mani Ramaswamy

Karly Sills
Sr. Director - West Region

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