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ADI – Auritas Document Ingestion Utility

The Auritas Document Ingestion Utility is used to export documents from Jobvite Candidate Application. Custom API developed will address the following functionality:

  • The utility is designed to communicate with the Jobvite application API for exporting Business data and generates Business documents for a candidate on the fly and store the exported document with metadata into the respective business workspace in the OpenText Extended ECM solution.
  • The utility will export HCM Candidate HR documents into the OpenText JV Folder structure for further processing.
  • Exported Jobvite candidate documents will be validated with the standard file naming format for the upload process.
  • Exported documents from Jobvite into xECM will be auto-processed by the mass uploading accelerator into the respective employee business workspace.
  • Documents stored and managed into OpenText xECM solution will be linked to SAP HCM / SF solution for future reference.
  • Failure process notifications will be provided to the respective business user-groups for reprocessing.

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