Digital Impact: Scalability, Flexibility, Agility, Security

Effortless ERP Cloud Migration with Auritas

Through systemic strategy and planning - our team of experts delivers the ultimate on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration experience. 


Cloud Migration For Your Digital Transformation

We can help you move your current IT infrastructure, to the cloud. Auritas will work with you to help define, create, and execute your cloud strategy.  


Dramatic decrease to spending as you no longer worry about server maintenance, upgrades, or licenses.

Global & Scalable

Avoid having to invest in infrastructure and instead easily scale your business in accordance with fluctuating demand.

increased Security

Automated updates and checks in place to address threats ensure your company is free to focus on what matters most.

Backup and Recovery solutions

Disaster prevention provides confidence that your data - the lifeblood of your business is safe from potential catastrophe.

We are the full-spectrum ERP-Cloud Platform Migration provider.

Auritas is geared with years of business and consulting experience.

Learn what keeps us competitive and why we're the one-stop-shop for all your ERP solution needs.


Why Auritas?

As partners with OpenText and SAP, we provide full-spectrum capabilities for the solutions lifecycle, helping you derive business value and a lower TCO.


Seasoned team members with experience in Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and the SAP Cloud Platform. Innovation and toolkits accelerate the implementation process.

Specialized Assessments

Using a set of proprietary assessments our team uncovers performance, functional and security requirements which allow us to appropriately size your solution.

Reputation built on delivering value

Unique IP and approach for real business outcome and value. Best practices and domain knowledge.

Solution Accelerators

Proven accelerators that extend solution capabilities and increase adoption.

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