Enhanced Content Management with OpenText xECM: Johnsonville

Johnsonville partnered with Auritas to enhance its content management strategies, modernize its IT landscape, and automate processes.
Maxar Technologies
OpenText Extended ECM Implementation
Project Description
Johnsonville is a food manufacturing company that focuses mainly on sausage. Founded in 1945, it is one of the largest sausage producers in the United States and the largest sausage brand by revenue in the United States.

Johnsonville faced inefficiencies due to outdated technology and decentralized document storage, leading to wasted time, audit risks, and high paper storage costs. To resolve this, Auritas retired the legacy system and implemented OpenText Extended ECM solutions, integrating seamlessly with SAP. This provided quick access to electronic files, streamlined audit management, and eliminated paper storage expenses.

Additionally, Auritas improved the scanning process, enabled automatic document capture, and configured secure external access, transforming Johnsonville's document management into a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective system.

Key Benefits:
  • Migrated 2.5 Million documents
  • Real-time validation
  • Cost savings
  • Decommission of legacy systems

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