Bigger Isn’t Always Better

“Bigger isn’t always better”. Jokes aside, there is some truth to this statement. When people hear these words Big Data, many think to call it a joke and mess around with all the lifted truck owners, bigger boats, or corporations that attempt to create a monopoly. We must remember that the goal of a company is […]

Data Archiving For Data Migration

When implementing your SAP data migration or upgrading to S/4HANA, it is important to have a well-planned and disciplined archive strategy. Set your goals so that you get the best benefits, and have a strategy that will keep your goals attainable. Good preparation and thorough understanding of your project’s scope will help you meet your goals. […]

6 Ways SAP Data Archiving Can Make You More Successful


While the majority of organizations use expensive storage for unused or infrequently accessed data, today’s tech-savvy companies are deploying solutions that seek to re-purpose or reuse existing data and monetize their digital assets. Whether your goal is to improve regulatory compliance processes, boost business, increase systems efficiency, or maximize resources, data archiving should play a […]

How SAP Data Archiving Improves System Performance


Big data companies frequently contact us seeking solutions to their SAP database performance woes, even those with modern applications that allow for greater scalability, with their three-tier client/server environments that are designed to lessen the database workload. If your database’s capabilities have been stretched to its limits only to remain the weakest part of your […]

How I Successfully Implemented SAP Data Archiving, And You Can Too!


Data Archiving Consultant, shares her experience as a client looking over SAP Data Archiving implementation and why partnering with an experienced and cost-effective consulting firm is key to a successful execution. I used to work at an international manufacturing company, and we implemented SAP when so many others did, prior to Y2K. As we added […]