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What is Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)?

SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) by OpenText is an application that works with your SAP ERP systems to streamline your accounts payable (AP) operations. VIM optimizes and simplifies the process of creating, receiving, monitoring, and routing purchase orders and invoices for AP personnel and vendors. Through a user-friendly interface AP employees and vendors can collaborate to resolve problems, obtain invoice status, check purchase order numbers, and submit invoices.

OpenText Invoice Capture Center for SAP Solutions (ICC) further extends the VIM capabilities by adding on the feature to virtually automate the capture of paper invoices.


The Problem Statement

Manual invoice processing can cause serious risks to your enterprise, resulting in lengthy error-prone activities that leave you with poor visibility and open to exposure. Other challenges enterprises face include:


The Solution

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How Auritas Can Help

As a Silver Partner with OpenText we provide services for all versions and parts of OpenText Invoice Management for SAP Solutions. We work closely with your team to define your specific requirements while keeping you in scope, on schedule, and within your budget. 

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