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DXSF – Document Extraction from SuccessFactors solution

The Document Extraction utility is used to export documents from the SuccessFactors Performance Management and Appraisals module using existing Standard API functions. The utility includes the following functionality:

  1. Utility will be developed to communicate with the SuccessFactors application API for exporting Business documents with Metadata.
  2. Utility to export the extracted documents into OpenText Business workspace folder structure for further process.
  3. Exported finalized business documents will be validated for upload processes.
  4. Exported documents from SuccessFactors into xECM will be validated and processed automatically into the respective employee Business Workspace.
  5. Failure processes will notify respective business user-groups for reprocessing.
  6. Documents stored and managed in OpenText xECM solution will not be accessed/moved to the SuccessFactors application (Performance Management and Appraisals module)
  7. Automated process helps to improve Business process efficiency.

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