Why Consulting Teams Do It Best, And How To Select Yours!

You may be reading this as you embark on your next ILM, data archiving, SAP HANA, or DaRT project. Or, perhaps your relationship with an independent contractor has left you wanting more, and you’re curious about the title’s claim. Chances are that if you are not currently working with a unified consulting team, you’re missing out on valuable resources that can lead to increased long-term savings and a reduction in stress-inducing complications. Here’s why –


1. They have numerous subject-matter experts, or SMEs

Today’s IT projects are invariably complex animals and seldom can one individual have the background to effectively and efficiently handle every facet of the project. It takes group expertise to make that work, at least to make it work best. I may have lots of IT experience, but that doesn’t translate to me knowing everything needed for a complex project.

2. They are well-versed in working with each other

I’m not simply referring to how each person prefers their coffee here, but rather a defined and adhered to segmentation of roles, responsibilities, and techniques that facilitate every step of the project with the purpose of providing the highest quality at the most reasonable cost. Familiarity also goes a long way with a team that takes pride in their work. They are more inclined to go the extra mile, not only for their client, but for each other as well. This will frequently translate into innovative solutions and unmatched execution, from which you
will benefit.

3. Risk Management

What happens if your contractor becomes unable to physically complete the project? You’re left high and dry without additional resources to cover them. There’s also the issue of scalability. Projects tend to delay when resources are sparse. And lastly, contractors live project to project, it’s the business model. This often leads to them not being up to speed on the latest advancements and can easily lead to less-than-stellar results. Avoid these pitfalls by doing your research and leveraging the benefits of hiring a consulting team.


1. Find a team with multiple skill sets

Not only do I rely on team members to have skill sets that I do not possess, but I also rely on them for things I’m not current on – like ABAP, for example. Can I write the code? Perhaps, but it would not be a good idea – someone with expertise in ABAP should do it. The same is true for many other areas on which an individual may have worked, but not be an expert on. Elect the correct team member to do those things.

2. Choose a consulting team with exceptional recommendations and proven successes

On one of my 1099 gigs, I worked with many other consultants from various teams and was dismayed to find how many of them purported expertise in various areas when, in fact, they had none. As an example, one person wanted me to “tell him how to archive” so he could add it to his resume. Say what!? Over and over again I would see three or four consultants working at one desk to solve a problem. That does not sound like they were the experts that the client was paying for. Likewise, you want a team with the resources and ethics to carry the project to completion, and provide support when needed. These qualities should be reflected in the team’s recommendations, so seek them out!


Judge a consulting team by the resources they have to provide holistic solutions, such as a staff of subject-matter experts in a variety of focus areas. Even though an IT project appears to be small and/or simple enough to be handled by one person, it seldom is, and can incur costly repercussions for taking shortcuts. As in almost any scenario, teams of highly skilled professionals that frequently work together provide the best results. Remember, take the time and effort to find the best consulting team for your needs in order to glean the desired results!

For this reason, Auritas offers free comprehensive assessments that outline your organization’s current position, potential options, and implementation time frame estimates based on your technical capabilities and resources.

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