Management Team

Leadership Team

  • Gisele Holder
    Gisele Holder Chairwoman

    Gisele Holder has worked on multiple international SAP projects with a focus in the Finance and Controlling area. She is fluent in several languages and has extensive international Finance experience.

    • Deepak Sood
      Deepak Sood CEO & CTO

      Deepak Sood boasts nearly two decades of SAP systems experience. He has successfully delivered over 100 completed projects, across a variety of companies that include several Fortune 500 organizations.

    • Andy Martin
      Andy Martin President & COO

      Andy Martin is a technology entrepreneur and senior executive experienced in scaling fast growth organizations. He has a broad range of SAP ecosystem expertise that includes strategy development, go-to-market, innovation, and operations leadership.

    • Dan Lynch
      Dan Lynch Senior VP of Sales for North America
    • Jason Seibert

    Business & Solutions Team

    • David Boeckle
      David Boeckle VP, STRATEGIC ACCOUNTS
    • Anne Cross
      Anne Cross Sr. Client Partner
    • William Rogers
      William Rogers SR. CLIENT PARTNER
      • Feroze Arif
        Feroze Arif Dir., Analytics
      • Julian Rosario
        Julian Rosario SR. DIR., DELIVERY ORGANIZATION
        • Sanjeev Kumar
          Sanjeev Kumar Dir., India Ops
        • Naveen Parhawk
          Naveen Parhawk DIR., GLOBAL DELIVERY CENTER
          • Elizabeth Rolon
            Elizabeth Rolon Sr. Ops Manager

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