SAP MDG Implementation & Ongoing AMS Support: Queensland Health

SAP MDG implementation for enhanced legal compliance and data security, centralized master data, standardized processes.
Queensland Health
MDG Implementation
AMS Support
Project Description
Formed in 1859, Queensland Health is the overall public health service in the state of Queensland, Australia. The system is made up of 16 Hospital and Health Services, and the Queensland Department of Health. It employs over 97,000 staff and has an annual operating budget of over AU$30 billion.

Queensland Health collaborated with Auritas to implement SAP Master Data Governance (MDG). Recognizing the critical need for a robust strategy, the partnership addressed healthcare industry compliance and data security concerns. Through Auritas and SAP assessments, the organization achieved centralized master data, standardized processes, and improved data integrity. The enduring collaboration with Auritas through AuriCare ensured ongoing support, contributing to legal compliance, streamlined data maintenance, and enhanced planning capabilities.

Key Benefits:
  • Standardized processes

  • Enhance compliance

  • Increased data security

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