Implementing SAP HANA

There are many excellent reasons why enterprise companies would choose to improve their SAP implementations by adopting the SAP HANA platform. However, it’s one thing to understand the benefits and it’s another thing to understand how to prepare for the implementation of HANA and craft a powerful plan that is optimized for your specific business.

Just as a small example of planning for the implementation, it’s essential to keep an eye on the cost of SAP HANA as it relates to the size of your database. To do this, it’s key to minimize your DRAM (in memory) demand. At Auritas, we are data archiving experts. We will help your organization cleans and archive your data to minimize what is being leveraged inside of SAP HANA. This also includes SAP BW. We have extensive expertise in leveraging Nearline Storage (NLS) to decrease the overall BW footprint.

Let Auritas help your organization develop a proper strategy for implementing SAP HANA. Contact us today to speak with one of our subject matter experts.

Our HANA Services

  1. BW on HANA migration
  2. Business Suite on HANA (ECC, CRM, SRM, SCM) migration projects.
  3. HANA sizing and scale up/out on ECC/BW on HANA.
  4. BW on HANA modeling/HANA sidecar modeling.
  5. Architecting and implementing HANA backup/restore as well as disaster recovery strategy.
  6. BW on HANA/ECC on HANA RDS.
  7. S/4 HANA blueprinting, preparation, & implementation.

What Makes Auritas Different?

  1. We deploy proprietary methodologies before, during, & after HANA implementations.
    • Before: Near-lining (NLS) of data using Sybase.
    • During: BW on Implementation (RDS).
    • After: BW on HANA Implementation, with NLS, using Sybase.
  2. We have domain ownership on OS (Red Hat, SUSE Linux), HANA, Sybase & hardware.
  3. We provide a proof of concept (POC) as part of the implementation.
  4. We have proven to be a reliable and trusted partner in the eyes of SAP, and are sought after for projects in our core focus areas.
  5. We have proprietary tools that “HANA-tize” the standard ABAP code.
  6. We have an in-house PhD of analytics and advisory team with extensive experience crafting and executing data-focused strategies that deliver real business value.
  7. We are regularly invited to speaking engagements at industry events and we share our thought leadership through live webinars which attract attendees from across the globe.

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