Strategic Data Analysis Tool (SDAT)

The Auritas SDAT Suite is SAP Certified and easily and accurately predicts historical and future database growth patterns, tracks ROI on ongoing data management projects and archive-enables reports and transactions.

The SDAT Suite includes the following tools:

  • Archive Schedule Management (ASM) – Set up and monitor archiving jobs automatically
  • Archive Migration Management (AMM) – Data migration of archived info from file system or one storage solution to another
  • Archive Output Management (AOM) – Manage reprints/reversals/PDF generation
  • Archive Audit Management (AAM) – Extract tool for archived data
  • In addition:
    • Archive-Enabling for Reports & Transaction (Where-Used report)
    • Database Analysis
    • Technical Impact Analysis
    • Archive Object Success Analysis
    • Archiving Priority Analysis
    • Archiving Effectiveness Analysis


  • Consolidates information into a single dashboard for client power users to access SAP tables, file systems, and other storage locations to identify and track key size and growth contributors
  • Provides flexible and easy-to-use analysis options with almost unlimited reporting features
  • Provides quick and easy archive-enabling of SAP reports and transactions
  • Enables clients to make empowered decisions about whether to retain data in the database, archive it, delete it or remove it entirely—to  maximize hardware usage, processor power, and system resources.

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