Why Content Management is Crucial for SAP Digital Transformations​: Essentials to ECM​ Webinar​​

Location: Online
Time: 30 Mins.

Every ERP process comes along with associated digital content. This content needs to be stored, preserved, and retrieved contextually within that single work process? 

Many companies often struggle with managing all their documents and data which often leads to employees spending hours searching for misplaced content, thus increasing legal risk due to the lack of control over the content lifecycle.

Join our CEO Deepak Sood & CTO Mani Ramaswamy for our upcoming webinar and learn the essentials to Raising Revenue by Empowering Employees through enterprise content and document management solutions.

Presenters: Deepak Sood, CEO & Mani Ramaswamy, CTO
Date: Thursday , January 27th, 2022
Time: 2:00PM – 2:30PM EST / 11AM – 11:30AM PST

Learn the essentials to empower your business through ECM solutions:

  • Qualify the content management solution of choice
  • Reduce redundant process silos & eliminate inconsistencies
  • Minimize legal risk through control of your content lifecycle
  • Meet compliance & data privacy standards


Deepak Sood
CEO, Auritas

Mani Ramaswamy
CTO, Auritas

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