[ALERT] Risk of Data Loss in OpenText™ Extended ECM

OpenText has recently released a note alerting customers of the potential risk of data loss in OpenText™ Extended ECM applications. Those upgraded from upgraded from xECM CE 20.4 – 22.3 to CE 22.4 or later may still be affected. The issue occurs due to documents getting inadvertently flagged for deletion if the xECM Ancestor tables contain inconsistent data for the documents stored in Content server.

Data loss may occur if the documents that are inadvertently flagged for deletion are permanently deleted through automatic or manual purging. This can lead to significant consequences for organizations that fail to promptly address this issue

What OpenText xECM versions would be affected?

  • Content Server 22.2
  • Extended ECM 23.4
  • Content Server 21.2
  • Extended ECM 21.3
  • Extended ECM 23.3
  • Content Server 23.2
  • Extended ECM 22.4
  • Extended ECM 21.2
  • Extended ECM 22.3
  • Extended ECM 22.1
  • Content Server 22.1
  • Content Server 21.1
  • Content Server 23.4
  • Content Server 23.3
  • Extended ECM 20.4
  • Content Server 21.4
  • Content Server 20.4.0
  • Extended ECM 23.2
  • Extended ECM 22.2
  • Extended ECM 21.1
  • Content Server 22.4
  • Extended ECM 21.4
  • Content Server 23.1
  • Content Server 20.4
  • Content Server 22.3
  • Content Server 21.3
  • Extended ECM 23.1

How to know if I’m at risk?

Organizations running in any other versions of OpenText Extended ECM listed above are at risk of being affected. Experts can help you identify if your database has already been affected and address the issue prior to it being recurrent.

What is the solution?

Auritas experts have come up with an issue resolution that includes upgrading the current environment to prevent data loss. The solution timeline extends between 4-5 weeks for a two-tier landscape (non-prod and Prod environment). It is an in-place upgrade with minimal downtime.

For more information, contact Auritas or schedule a meeting today.

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