Consumer Products: OpenText Migration to the Cloud (AWS)

Successful OpenText migration to the AWS Cloud.
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OpenText Cloud Migration
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Project Description: OpenText Migration

Organizations have been benefiting from the functionality of the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for SAP, OpenText, for many years. To align with long-term strategies, deliver critical new functionality and streamline business processes, it has become imperative for the enterprise to conduct a OpenText migration to cloud.

Auritas has assisted many organizations across industries with their cloud migration exercises ranging from 2 to 45 terabytes of data from outdated storage centers to a modern cloud environment. Auritas provides expert SAP and OpenText professional consulting services to stabilize, move and consolidate data from existing OpenText systems and disparate storage centers and successfully accomplish digital transformation objectives.

Download full case study report below.

Key Benefits:

  • Savings upwards of $10M
  • OpenText migration
  • Improved user experience
  • Migration to the AWS Cloud

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