ILM Strategies: Get Up and Running! Saving Money in < 3 Months!

Location: Online
Time: 30 Mins.

Did you know that around 80% of stored data goes unused after 90 days and nearly 62% of businesses are using their primary storage systems to store unused data?   

This is particularly costly for SAP systems, where rapid data growth and lack of data management creates expensive Tier-1 Enterprise Storage; with high volumes, high redundancy, and rising admin costs that result in degradation to system performance and longer backup & downtime windows.
Join our experts on this webinar and learn how to move swiftly through these issues with Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies including data archiving and legal compliance/ retention management:


  • Reduce Tier 1 storage costs, improve system performance and secure your landscape for immediate wins- Even more benefits when moving to SAP HANA
  • Automate cleanup tasks to ensure your SAP database is kept lean going forward
  • Address your structured and unstructured data to only keep business-relevant information
  • Reduce risks and ensure audit/regulatory compliance
  • Provide transparent data retrieval for your users
  • Explore real-life customer success stories and how to build your own business case
  • Fast-track it all for quick results!  


Deepak 500X500 squ headshot ILM Strategies: Get Up and Running! Saving Money in < 3 Months!
Deepak Sood
CEO, Auritas

David 500X500 squ headshot 1 ILM Strategies: Get Up and Running! Saving Money in < 3 Months!
David Boeckle
CSO, Auritas

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