Lessons Learned from a Fortune 500 Company That Tried DIY Data Archiving

Location: Online
Time: 30 Mins.

Join us on this webinar were we are taking about a lot of things related to Data Archiving which includes HANA Accelerators to.

We all know DIY (or “Do it yourself”) has been the rage for the past few years; in fact the DIY industry is currently valued at $43.7B. It’s only a logical conclusion to start branching out of the normal DIY projects you usually hear about in real estate or craft projects. We’ve seen the proven financial benefits in other markets, why couldn’t this DIY approach work for initiatives within your enterprise and help you free-up some budget?

This DIY practice is something that is good for small crafts but when it comes to a larger project, things tend to get convoluted and disjointed. You wouldn’t want to DIY everything, that is why it is common practice in medicine for a doctor to refer a patient to a specialist rather than stick to their own opinion. Not everyone is an expert in everything, we’re only human.

Data archiving is a critical process in any organization. Many companies do attempt to take on the archiving process on their own and typically face major obstacles; sometimes even accidentally deleting critical data.

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Deepak Sood

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