What Do All These Companies Have in Common?

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise operations, challenges often arise that demand a strategic approach and specialized expertise. When confronted with database complexities, the implementation of new systems, or the need to reevaluate existing processes, enterprises recognize the need for experts’ guidance. In such pivotal moments, the role of specialists becomes crucial, offering insights, solutions, and a refined understanding of the intricate aspects involved with the digital transformation.

Over the last 20 years, Auritas has played a pivotal role in assisting these businesses to optimize the way they data and processes management. With a track record spanning from database size reduction to the integration of intricate solution extensions, hundreds of clients have experienced the advantages of partnering with highly specialized partners like Auritas. Let’s explore some of these cases:

Business deal rafiki What Do All These Companies Have in Common?
  • After a failed attempt to enhance and modernize their finance systems, NVIDIA came to Auritas for help. Following a comprehensive assessment in partnership with OpenText, Auritas implemented a comprehensive vendor invoice management (VIM) solution across within 11 months. Standardizing indirect invoicing end-to-end process, NVIDIA also achieved over 51% touchless automation globally.
  • In another case, an U.S. Manufacturer Company also reached out to Auritas with ongoing hurdles related to labor-intensive and time-consuming invoicing processes. A tailored, global VIM solution was designed and implemented by our experts, helping the company process over 700 thousand invoices, assisting touchless process to increase from 0-20% to over 85%.
  • Uncontrolled data growth has also been a recurrent issue that brings many companies to search for third-party specialists. SaskPower is an example. Without a data volume management strategy and lack of compliance rules in place, the utilities company was facing rising costs and legal risks. With Auritas’ help, SaskPower used data archiving to reduce database size by 40% while saving costs and avoiding risks with retention management practices.
  • Allison Transmission faced very similar challenges and looked for comprehensive solutions likewise. The tailored solution designed by our experts focused on advanced data archiving. As a result, the enterprise shrunk database from 5TB to 800GB (84% reduction), receiving project payback within 10 months. In addition, it also experienced a decrease in migration time during their transition to the cloud.
  • As an SAP Gold Partner, Auritas experts often assist clients with their migration to SAP S/4HANA. That was the case with GRAINGER, who partnered with Auritas to prepare their current system for a streamlined transition. By optimizing processes and archiving unused data, the Distributor saw their database volume reduced by half, and growth reduced by 85%. The approach slimmed HANA sizing from an estimated 21 TB appliance to a 7 TB appliance, leading the company to experience a substantial ROI.
Strategic consulting cuate What Do All These Companies Have in Common?

As Auritas continues to expand their offerings, its products, Data ASSIST and Data GUARD have helped many enterprises achieve success in the way they manage their data and IT ecosystem. From automated data archiving to multiple system decommissioning offerings, Auritas’ solutions help enterprises drive digital transformations forward.  

As enterprises strive for operational excellence and competitive advantage, partnering with skilled professionals from Auritas emerges as a vital component to success. Auritas solutions are not merely focused on addressing challenges; but also harnessing opportunities. Embracing specialized guidance ensures that organizations are equipped to navigate complexities, capitalize on advancements, and ultimately emerge stronger in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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