Accelerating Digital Transformation through Legacy Decommissioning

The following is a short case study done for digital transformation through legacy decommissioning one of our customers – a major Chemical enterprise.

Many Fortune 500 Companies Utilize more than one application to conduct their business activities and run their business ecosystem processes from both inside and outside of the organization.

As technologies keep advancing, these organizations must update their technology with newer systems and applications. Leaving these companies with a portfolio of legacy applications that need to be decommissioned.

Due to data retention and compliance requirements, the data within these legacy applications had to remain readily available for retrieval. Objective: Work with customer’s trusted enterprise data and document management firm, Auritas, to design and build a repeatable decommissioning capability for use with their existing portfolio of legacy applications, as well as for any future legacy applications.

The scope of this project included requirements gathering, options review and design and implementation of a solution to address this customer’s diverse legacy systems. It also included recommendations, a ‘Roadmap for Success” for customer team to perform the actual decommissioning of data.

Requirements Snapshot:

  • Decommissioning a global portfolio of 200+ legacy applications/repositories, including SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Identification of information that should be gathered in order to assess the data and systems
  • Execution of the methodology to gather and assess the information and to design a proposed solution
  • A proposed, set of tools or systems to be used to:
  • Extract data from the legacy systems
  • Tag and store the data for subsequent use
  • Retrieve data in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Manage the retention/destruction of data
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) to test the solution
  • Approach/roadmap that the customer team can use to decommission the portfolio of legacy application data.

The Solution Scope as we saw fit.

Our team of experts was able to successfully achieve the following solution scope:
(Download Case Study to view all)

  • Auritas initiated the project by reviewing customer’s existing legacy system portfolio and information they had gathered to-date, identify missing information needed to properly categorize each line item, develop a questionnaire to gather the missing information, distribute questionnaires, compile results, conduct workshops and delivered a final recommendations document
  • Auritas ran scoring scenarios that evaluated requirements and provided weighted results for data and system solutions. Key success factors included active support from customer Steering Committee departments
  • Using the tools/systems identified for each category, Auritas provided the beststrategies to fitall requirements including:
  • Systems-based (do all like systems first),
  • Retention compliance based (do oldest data first) Business unit based (Finance vs. EHS/Production vs. HR vs. Customer Service, vs. Procurement)
  • Ease of execution/complexity and repeatability (get some wins and build knowledge/confidence in the team) This roadmap is commonly preferred and can spawn off parallel threads of like systems with low complexity.

Outcome and Benefits Received:

Our team of experts was able to successfully achieve the following benefits for the customer:
(Download Case Study to view all)

  • Successfully decommissioned legacy SAP and Non-SAP Applications.
  • Millions in savings from retiring the decommissioned systems and their related licensing/infrastructure.

Want to read more on the solution scope and benefits this organization achieved?
Download the case study here! 

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