Auritas Announces the Launch of New Product – Data GUARD, by Auritas

Sanford, Fla. — July 2023 —Auritas, leading SAP partner in holistic data management, announced the release of a new product for the SAP® App Store: Data GUARD by Auritas. Whether prompted by a merger, acquisition, divestiture, greenfield implementation, or any other reason necessitating a move to a new system, Data GUARD supports organizations in maintaining access to their historical data for regulatory, legal, and business purposes. Additionally, it offers a unified interface to manage and decommission multiple systems efficiently.

With a database compression of up to 80%, Data GUARD helps organizations meet sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption & minimizing the total carbon footprint. The solution allows retirement and maintenance of multiple decommissioned systems using a single tool, giving organizations greater control over all enterprise legal requirements and application of compliance rules.

Data GUARD was designed by Auritas experts to also help organizations meet sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption & minimizing the total carbon footprint of their IT investments. With a database compression up to 80%, Data GUARD offers the possibility to retire and maintain multiple decommissioned systems using a single solution, giving organizations greater control over all enterprise compliance rules and legal requirements.

As outdated hardware becomes harder to maintain, and the talent that can manage those systems ages out of the workforce, legacy system decommissioning helps companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars. With Data GUARD, organizations have the necessary tool to both manage and retire their legacy systems easily. It helps lower IT spending by decreasing the total cost of ownership of legacy hardware while maintaining access to and preserving necessary data using a single source of truth.

“We are excited to offer SAP users this innovative product, providing cost-saving solution for securely decommissioning data,” said Auritas CEO Deepak Sood. “We’ve been helping our clients for over 20 years, so we designed Data GUARD having in mind the significant advantages it would bring to SAP users.”

Data GUARD, by Auritas, product overview:

  • Maintain access and run advanced tailored reports for your decommissioned data.
  • Provides a single view for managing and retiring multiple legacy systems within an enterprise.
  • Retire and consolidate both SAP and non-SAP systems to create a single source of truth for retired legacy application data.
  • Cloud storage, faster and easier to work with.
  • Improved visibility and tracking of extraction, transformation, and loading processes.
  • Reduce energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.
  • Lower IT spending, decrease TCO of legacy hardware.

For more information on Data GUARD and other products by Auritas, visit Auritas’ Data Suite.




About Auritas

Auritas is a global ERP products and services company specialized in data management, process optimization, and product innovation, with a focus on SAP Enterprise customers. Since its inception in 2003, Auritas has been closely aligned with SAP & has established itself as a leading pioneer in the market for all things data & process. In its two decades of experience, the company specializing in sophisticated approaches to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Legacy Decommissioning, Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Transformations for AP/AR, and SAP S/4 HANA.

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